Weatherstripping Windows and Doors


Contractor size reels now available

Pile Colors: All pile products are Grey in color except the Gold Series line, which offers Grey and White.


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Finned Pile Weatherstripping

A single, pliable, barrier fin in a unified assembly with self-supporting pile, and built-in "pile directors", provides an excellent seal with low opening force and low friction weatherstripping

Non-Finned Pile Weatherstripping

Self-supporting pile, with built in 'pile directors', improves resiliency and reduces compression set


Gold Series - Finned and Pile

GOLD SERIES weatherstripping uses state-of-the-art components and ULTRAFAB'S unique ultrasonic technology to build an extremely durable, cost effective pile and finned style weatherstripping.

Push In Kerf Mounted Pile

Premium Push In Kerf Mounted Pile Weatherstripping is perfect for retention slot/recessed groove applications and compression and casement seal locations.


A mill finished extruded aluminum and durable polypropylene weatherstripping with fin seal. Effective in sealing off the gaps that create sound, water, debris and air leaks. Retrofits existing Astragal applications.

Door sweepDoor Sweeps

Stop energy waste at the door!


bulb sealsT-Slot Bulb Seals

High quality UV stabilized TPE material for compression sealing applications.


Pfoam sealsush In Bulb Seals

High quality TPE material for kerf mounting or dart mounting in vinyl, aluminum or wood retention slots.

foam sealsUrethane Foam Seals

Urethane foam weather seals offer improvement in field performance that's unequalled.